About Us

This project started with the intention of offering to perfume lovers in Romania, the products of Fragonard Parfumeur - originally in the form of a gift for loved ones, floral perfumes, refined soaps and room essentials became a success, and appreciations they have contrived to come.

 ADDA SHOP INFINITY was founded in 2013.

Created from the desire to offer you the possibility to purchase a unique and refined cosmetics collection by Fragonard, while also offering the convenience of fast shopping and the online platform www.mag-parfums.ro, the company soon revealed the most important retailer on the Romanian market for niche products Fragonard.

The comprehensive portfolio is our business card and suggests the future trend of our company's to meet the complexity of your needs. So for the olfactory sense we have Fragonard Parfumeur, Why Fragonard?

Because it is among the houses that have kept the traditional methods of perfume manufacturing. Ingredients are 100% natural, come from their own culture and are processed by cold and hot distillation. The formula is unmistakable, made with a mixture of various raw materials, to which are added specific quantities of fragrant oils, which leave a strong olfactory mark.

The full range of services offered, specialist consultancy, personalized offers, fast delivery, refined ambience in the store, was designed to gain and maintain the trust and satisfaction of our customers. By guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of our products, we want to offer a unique shopping experience, pleasant, accessible, and share the joy of a magical olfactory journey among the most famous and appreciated flavors.

Our actions are designed to support the quality of the products and services you purchase directly from our stores and also the online environment.

The process of development is continuous. We rely on attributes of products and services delivered to customer satisfaction. We rely on quality to improve service, working constantly and with dedication to the field in which we have chosen to be known.

We trust confidence in our own strengths, the confidence that we will be able to pass on the efforts of our collaborators to create innovative products.

We rely on a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in the field, dedicated to providing you with expert advice.

We rely on the diversity of products and services that we offer with confidence to our customers.