Essentials cares

Lotion, oil and cream for body or hands, offering considerable rejuvenating properties and delicate fragrances. They nourish and soften the skin, moisturizing its outer layers, so as to give long-lasting softness, freshness and radiance.
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Face cream Royal Jelly 50ml

Enriched with natural royal jelly for its rejuvenating, nourishing and stimulating properties, it gives radiance and vitality to all skin types while helping to keep them soften.

Make-Up Remover Royal Jelly 250 ml

Combining the soothing qualities of chamomile and linden with royal jelly, this make-up remover balances, refreshes and softens the skin.

Tonic Lotion Orange Blossom

A tonic lotion with orange blossom to regenerate and tone up your skin. For a daily use in combination with our royal jelly make-up remover.

Body Lotion Royal Jelly

Its white flowers fragrance wraps your body in a delicate sweet-smelling veil while astringent and refreshing extracts of witch hazel and lime, combined with royal jelly, make your skin silky and firm.