Argan OIil VRAI 100ml

This rare treatment oil, made of 95% pure and natural almond extract (arganier), offers deep softness for the skin and exceptional shine and manageability for the hair.

160,00 lei
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    For the skin, argan oil has many benefits: it moisturizes in depth, softens, gives light and contributes to cellular regeneration.
    Also, argan oil nourishes and smoothes hair cuticles, stimulates growth, gives glow and prevents it from breaking and falling.
    Way of ussage:

    On the hair: Apply the argan oil to the scalp on dry hair and massage with circular movements, then let go for ten minutes, shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.

    On the skin: Apply once or twice a day by spraying the oil all over the body on clean, dry skin and massage easily.
    * Paraben free
    Bottle: 100ml
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