Body cream VRAI 200ml

A real, pure and simple cream, light and soothing, combining a nourishing and revitalizing shea butter, peach extract rich in fats and proteins, softening oatmeal and protecting cotton seed oil. Its airy texture, the softness of its ingredients, and the freshness of its fragrance makes it an every day pleasure and is perfect for all skin types.

170,00 lei
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    Body Cream VRAI is made up of a mixture of natural ingredients that give skin its natural texture:

    - shea butter is known for its special qualities of moisturizing and protecting the skin

    - peach extract is rich in fatty acids and proteins that care for the sensitive skin and gives it a velvety appearance

    - Oatmeal flakes contain antioxidants that ensure cell regeneration

    - cotton seed oil is a very good emollient with nutritional benefits, which gives skin elasticity and luminosity

    Recommende use: It is applied daily to the whole body, massaged with mild and circular movements until full absorption.

    We recommend daily use for any type of skin.

    * without parabens, dermatologically tested product

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