Perfumed candles that blend perfectly with your home decor, spreading delicate fragrances!

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Coriander Lemongrass Scented Candle 200 g

Coriander Lemongrass (Coriander Lemongrass) Green and spicy, this fragrance reveals a mix of fresh herbs: coriander, citronella, basil and mint echoing a cardamom ginger duo softened by a touch of coconut.

Bois Dormant Fragrant Candle 200g

Much like a fire flickering in the fireplace, this candle offers a combination of woody burnt-wood notes and the delicious smoky fragrance of a wood fire. Feel like a evening for two or a relaxing time with your family? Let yourself be tempted by the Sleeping Beauty candle.

Le feu sous la glace Candle 200g

A spicy, oriental fragrance (ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and tonka bean.

Winter Candle 200g

The cinnamon shades blend harmoniously with the effervescent notes of orange. Winter candle is an ideal gift for loved ones!

Sweet Pea Scented candle 200g

The Sweet Pea Candle will spread an abundance of floral scents in your home, reminding you of the spring atmosphere.

Jasmin Scented candle 200g

The fragrant candle will delight you with its delicate jasmine flavors, enhanced by bergamot and orange leaves, on a refined amber background.