Hand Cream VRAI 125g

A pure and simple hand balm with an elegant scent. It combines oat, cotton seed oil, vitamin E, shea butter and Apricot extract.

75,00 lei
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    The natural hand balm contains natural ingredients:

    - shea butter hydrates in depth the cracked and dry skin of the mens

    - Oatmeal flakes contain antioxidants that provide tissue regeneration

    - cotton seed oil stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenating skin elasticity

    - the peach extract leaves the velvety skin and shrouded in a delicate fragrance

    - Vitamin E has a powerful antioxidant role that prevents aging

    * without parabens, dermatologically tested product

    Recommended use: Apply a small amount of cream and massage with gentle motions until full absorption.

    Bottle 125ml