Perfumed sets & cases

Mini-sets in various flavors: perfumes or eaux de tolilette scented napkins, bath salts, delicate soaps and shower gels.

All are ideal gifts for loved ones!

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Woman set 10 Eau de Toilette

These ten Eau de Toilette: Belle Chérie, Ile d'Amour, Frivole, Eclat, Belle de Nuit, Emilie, Fragonard, Etoile, Diamant, Reine des Cœurs natural, fruity, floral or oriental, come in 4 ml/0.17 fl. oz. natural spray that slip easily into handbag or weekend case.

Mademoiselle Amour 50ml

The eau de toiltte spreads playful notes of strawberry and apple with rose hues, jasmine and sweet peas. The dominant note is the raspberry, embedding in a velvety.

Miniatures 'Collector' Set of 5

These 5 perfumes Soleil, Grain de Soleil, Fragonard, Diamant and Belle de nuit are the emblematic creations of Fragonard big tradition… Presented in nice miniatures bottles, with their precious sun tops, this collection is a gift which will satisfy all the perfume “lovers”… Inconstant or faithful, Fragonard adept or fragrance “explorer”, each person will find the pleasure to be always perfumed.

Pois de Senteur 50ml

The set Pois de Senteur: eau de toilette 50ml, a 100g scented soap and a cosmetic bag with a special design.

Set of 20 Perfumed Sachets

Fresh and fruity, 20 eaux de toilette perfumed sachets : Rose de Mai, Cèdre, Fleur d'Oranger, Verveine, Vétiver

Iris beauty Case 50ml

A prettily decorated bag that contains all the little necessities for a scented trip: eau de toilette, a mini soap, shower gel and a baby-soft terrycloth hand towel.