Room Fragrance Diffusers

To create a pleasant and fragrant atmosphere, choose the room fragrance of Fragonard!

Each room fragrance contains 10 sticks of rattan that make the fragrance spread in your home.

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Figue Noire Tabac Blond Room Diffuser 200ml

Figue Noire - Tabac Blond (Black fig – mild Tobacco) Ripened by the sun and bursting with sweetness, black fig combined with mild tobacco will transform your interior into a warm and cosy boudoir.

Jasmin Room Diffuser 200ml

This diffuser reeds radiate joyous notes of jasmine, the fragrance of a summer night.

Fleur d'Oranger Room Diffuser 200ml

Known for its soothing virtues, these diffuser reeds radiate fruity notes of orange blossom foe a cozy fall scent.

Gingembre Vétiver Room Diffuser 200ml

Gingembre - Vétiver (Ginger - vetiver) An original combination of fresh, energising ginger, sustained by the woody note of vetiver.

Lilas Room Diffuser 200ml

The Liliac Room Fragrance spreads the lilac fragrance, inducing a state of comfort and relaxation.

Mimosa Room Diffuser 200ml

Legend has it that winters are so mild on the Riviera that mimosa blossom have taken the form of snowflakes. This diffuser radiates vivid notes of mimosa, the supreme winter flower.