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Sweet Almond Oil 300g

Botanical soap made from 3% almond oil that spreads an irresistible rose fragrance, with only natural ingredients in its composition.

Verbena 125g

Soap made from 100% verbine extract, enriched with glycerin, which moisturizes and softens the skin, giving it freshness.


A truly gentle vegetal soap with sweet almond oil fragranced with bergamot, amber, basil, verbena, jasmine, thyme and iris.

Eau de Hongrie Shower gel 250ml

A real, pure and simple bath and shower gel for a dream skin, soft, smooth, silky and perfumed with Eau de Hongrie.

Iris Soapdish 11 x 17 cm

The Soapdish Iris celebrates the lily of the iris flowers.

Moment Volé Soap 140g

This soft and creamy bar of soap is made using traditional methods and has a delicate Moment Volé scent.