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Fragonard delights you with a full range of perfumes based on 100% natural ingredients.

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Reine des Coeurs Eau de toilette 200ml

Contrasting fruity peach and spicy pink peppercorn head notes over an enchanting orange-blossom, rose and ylang-ylang heart note, this fruity oriental perfume sparkles against a backdrop of musk and benzoin: The queen of hearts emerges victorious.

Rêve Indien Shower gel 200ml

A real, pure and simple shower gel for a dream skin, soft, smooth, silky and perfumed with ' RĂªve Indien'

Belle Chérie Eau de toilette 200ml

A bouquet of flowers, fruits, and wood to celebrate this carefree fragrance.

Belle de Nuit Eau de toilette 200ml

Belle de Nuit is an original, deep rich harmony of flowers and fruit on a warm velvety bottom note of musk. A precious fragrance, as magical as an Arabian night!

Diamant Eau de parfum 50ml

Diamant is a delicious concoction sparkling with mandarin, plum and caramel. Its rose and jasmine heart notes are enhanced by a warm background of vanilla, patchouli and musk.

Eau du Bonheur Shower gel

Green, fresh, floral, Eau du Bonheur shower gel is a sparkling fragrance that awakens the senses.